Powerful Saws For Home Shop User

Radial Arm Saws

Radial arm saws are preferred by many woodworkers for their ability to be quickly setup for miter and bevel cuts. In addition, since the blade is suspended above the stock to be cut, lining up the blade of a radial arm saw with the cut line is easier to accomplish. And, as the stock is not moved during the cutting operation but rather held against the fence, obtaining an accurate cut is easier and faster than sliding the stock through the blade, as with a table saw.

Delta woodworking offers radial arm saws with blade diameters from 10 inches through 18 inches.

The 10-inch model is ideally suited for the novice to advanced home shop user. This model can be operated on standard household voltage.

Delta woodworking 12-inch through 18-inch models are classified as industrial grade machines. They are designed for heavy-duty usage, day in and day out. They also have greater depth of cut capacity, longer crosscut capability and wider rip cut ability. If you want the ultimate in a radial arm saw, delta woodworking industrial machines would be the way to go. However, they are pricey and heavy, ranging from 300 lbs. for the 12-inch model to over 700 lbs. for the 18-inch, depending on the motor horsepower that you choose. Lastly, they require a 230-volt circuit.

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Table Saws

Circular saws are fine for carpentry but when you need to make accurate cuts for furniture and cabinet projects you’ll need a table saw. Table saws are by far the most popular saws in the workshop. The biggest blade diameter generally available is 10 inches although delta woodworking has 14 inch and 16 inch models available for the industrial user.

The delta woodworking lineup includes saws for the novice to intermediate home shop user (marketed under the delta ShopMaster brand) and heavy-duty units (marketed as the delta Industrial line).

The distinguishing features of the delta Industrial units are more powerful motors, bigger standard tables and wider tables on some models to facilitate cutting wide materials. A variety of fences are also available. Furthermore, the industrial models are divided into Contractor and Cabinet designs.

The contractor table saws use an open leg design and are made to be reasonably easy to take to the jobsite and thence to be moved around the work area as needed.

The cabinet saws have enclosed bases with built in sawdust collecting ports. Cabinet saws are very heavy units that are used in a dedicated shop environment. They can be moved on casters but are too weighty to be easily taken offsite.

The delta ShopMaster series is ideal for the home user. They are designed to operate on standard household current. These models are designated as table saws and bench saws.

The table saws are much like the contractor style in layout, generally used in the workshop, while the bench saws are quite light in weight so they can be placed on the workbench as needed yet can moved out of the way when not in use. The bench saws are easy to take to where a job is underway as in interior remodeling or used in the yard when doing outdoor projects.

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Chain Saws

Stihl chain saws are by far the leading manufacturer of chain saws and trimming accessories. Stihl chain saws have been the leader in chain saw manufacturing for over 75 years and have proven their ability to commit to customer satisfaction.

In 1927, German born Andreas Stihl developed the first working electric chain saw. Other devices used to cut lumber existed at the time, but were large and cumbersome. Stihl revolutionized the lumber industry with his user-friendly, hand-held electric chainsaw. Now Stihl manufactures hundreds of models of electric chainsaws, gas powered chainsaws, and chainsaw accessories.

Stihl chain saws boast a number of safety and performance features that have led them to the top of their industry:

  • Chain Catcher – Reduces the risk of operator contact by the chain if it should break or derail
  • Inboard Chain Brake – makes sprocket easier to remove and requires less maintenance.
  • Stihl Quickstop Inertia Chain Brake System – designed to stop the chain quickly and can be manually activated or activated by inertia if kickback force is sufficient.
  • Auto Chain Oiling – Allows for automatic oiling to free hands during operation.
  • Easy-Access Carburetor Adjustment Screws – Allow for easy adjustment due to local cutting conditions and altitude.

These features are only a few of the many top-notch items that Stihl chain saws provide. With their powerful motors, and long-life dependability, Stihl chain saws are a head above the rest.

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